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Neil Adams
Champion Resources
Technical Coaching Pathway

After years of both competing and coaching in the elite arenas, as well as intensely studying the technical aspects of the sport for technical development on all levels, Neil Adams has created a technically Judo specific coach education programme unlike any in the world that is founded on the reasons why we as Judokas do what we do, how to get the most out of what we do and to do them most effectively.
For more information on how to become a Neil Adams Technically Accredited Coach, contact us at

Essential Judo
& Judo Excellence

A must have resource for every grading belt as well as an invaluable instructional video library.


Essential Judo teaches you the underlying and solid fundamental concepts for both standing and ground techniques. Like it says on the tins...its essential knowledge.


the next step is Judo Exellence where each of the 40 Throws have been painstakingly pulled apart and anaylised and then put back together in teachable concepts to slot straight into your lesson plan.

Available now HERE


A Life in Judo
A Game of Throws

In A Life in Judo,  Neil tells the story of the path that led him to International & British Judo glory becoming Britain's 1st  World Champion 

Available on

Kindle (UK) or Kindle (USA)


A Game of Throws is a candid look at Neil's life after high level competive sport and how the effects of suddenly being out of the spotlight can plumet you to earth with no warning.

Available on

or in Kindle and audiobook formats.

Other resources:

Learn how to plan your lessons with Neil's new eBook:

Progressive & Effective Lesson Planning

The Voice of Judo

Having the knowledge to read a match and know what is going to happen is what makes Neil a special commentator and illuminates his technical ability in the sport.

Neil has partnered with Athlete Analyzer Judo to bring him closer to your technical training.

Go to the site to see which technical analysis or personalised commentary is right for you!





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