A major Judo etiquette is to keep your kit clean and your skin healthy.


NAEF has teamed up with Uniqi Productions delivering natural skincare products to keep us clean from the tops of our hair to the tips of our toes.


Shampoo Bar: made with hair growth promoting essential oils, and SLS free-clean, this zero waste product is not only good for your hair and body but for the environment as well. (Vegan friendly)


Deodorant: made of all natural ingredients to help balance the sweat factor and help minimize order. Available in a cool, clean citrus scent and can be made to suit our vegan friends.


Magnesium Body Butter: Most are deficient in magnesium which is a key mineral to help us keep away anxiety, handle stress, sooth insomnia. With special essential oils, this cream will also soothe aching muscles, restless legs, take the stings out insect bites and sunburns, and helps heal cracked heels. Soothing ginger & clove scent. (Vegan-friendly)


Twinkle Toes (Anti Athletes Foot Cream): All natural and a great balancing act that gives just enough moisture not to crack skin further but not enough to house those pesky bacteria. Fresh woodsy scent to keep those tootsies smelling lovely. (*contains Lanolin)


Beaver Balm (Anti Chaffe Cream): Related to Twinkle Toes but resides...ah...erm....a little higher, this balm helps in those areas that rub a little too much, and help with gi burn without the sting. (*contains Lanolin)


Shaving Soap: a great zero waste product that is great for those tournaments away as it's handy to travel with. (Vegan-Friendly)


Skin & Surface Sanitiser: Thieves Oil has long since been a healing blend of essential oils to help stop germs in their tracks! Used in diffusers neatly to cleanse the air in our homes and workplaces and put in cleaning products to keep surfaces clean and bug-free. Used in soaps, gels and sprays to help keep bacteria and germs away. For more natural skincare visit www.UniqiProductions.com

Shower & Athlete Skincare


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